Monday, February 2, 2015

KCW: Day 1

It's Kids Clothes Week! Hooray! Time to sew sew sew!

This KCW I decided I'm going to tackle all my WIPs (work in progress) Projects that for some reason or other I tossed to the side and haven't wanted to finished. I thought the KCW motivation would help me get these project out of my craft room closet. Some of the projects were just cut out, or maybe have a couple seams sewn, or sewn almost all the way and just need to be hemmed. And this week I am going to finished them ALL! (ummm maybe)

So what am I going to be sewing up?

1. Captain America raglan tee for Jacob. Using the grey super hero fabric pictured above for the sleeves and back with red knit for the front with embroidered captain america head. If that sounds confusing, just wait until tomorrow when I post the finished picture, then you'll understand what I am talking about.

2. Grey and Blue striped raglan tee for Jacob. This one was sewn up to test the sizing of my raglan pattern before I cut into my expensive super hero fabric. I sewed it up but never bothered to hem it, or sew on the neck binding. Time to pull out that double needle and hem the sleeves! This should be a quick one to finish!

3 and 4. Striped PJs for both kids (in the neon yellow and pink striped fabric). For Christmas I sewed the kids some knit pj's but I was using a new pattern and wanted to be sure they would fit before I cut into my out of my gorgeous out of print (irreplaceable) fabric. I sewed the bottoms up and finished them, then I sewed the top together with one sleeve just to make sure the length was right. Then I set aside the half sewn test pjs to sew the real Christmas pjs and haven't bothered to go back and finished the tops.

5 and 6. Frozen fleece jackets for both kids. I bought the Anna and Elsa fleece as a remnant from the fabric store. Then I was like, Jacob needs an Olaf one so they can be matching! I am totally into coordinating the kids right now. It's so cute. Nothing has been sewn on these, just cut out.

7. Feather print celetial tee for Christine. Okay, I admit this one was cut out for KCW Fall, but then life got a little busy and I just never finished it. All it needs is a neck band. Seriously.

8. Navy blue leggings to match the feather shirt. Cut out, just needs to be sewn. Should be able to knock this one out pretty quick I hope.

9. Oliver+S Jumprope Dress in a princess/dragon print. I cut this one out last April, and I'm not sure why I forgot about it. Maybe I was intimidated by the placket? But now I'm afraid Christine is too small for a size 2. Groan. I'm going to finish it though, and then probably send it to my niece. (Ashley I hope you like it)

10. Oliver+S Apple Picking Dress. I'm starting to think that I have a problem. Fabric was purchased, pattern selected, pieces cut out, started sewing a few seams, got to the part where I had to sew button holes and then it's sat there on my ironing board for a few weeks.

11. Pants for Jacob. I've been working really hard on turning the Spruce Shorts into pants. I've been working hard to perfect the fit, I've sewn up a few versions already and I'm fine tuning the diaper ease on the baby sizes right now. I need to sew up one more pair for Jacob to make sure it's good then I am ready to send it to testers!
That is QUITE the ambitious list! Do you think I can sew it all? Come back tomorrow for an update

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