Saturday, February 21, 2015

Project Run and Play: February Challenge

I am loving the new set up for Project Run and Play this year. I actually have time to complete the challenge! This month's challenge is the Mademoisell Muscle Tee from Living with Punks.
The Mademoisell Muscle Tee is a pretty blank slate. I wanted to change it up a bit but still keep the essence of the original.

First, I needed this shirt to be preschool appropriate. Christine's preschool teacher is pretty strict on her dress code. In fact, I just got an email informing me that the shirt Christine wore one Tuesday was not long enough! So sleeves and long length were essentials for this look.
Second, I've been inspired by the lace trend everywhere. (Pictures from Red Dress Boutique. Yep discovered from Shark Tank. I love Shark Tank!) I thought it would be a great way to add some length.
Third, this photo. Ohmygosh adorbs! Jacob needs this outfit and it's gonna happen! But that collar? yes please. What a fun way to dress up the look. I happened to stumble across this free collar pattern  over at February's Flip this Pattern Linky Party and thought it would be perfect, and saved me a ton of time having to draft a collar!
For fabrics I went with a striped oatmeal/gray knit from Girl Charlee I had in my stash. I thought the striped fabric was a nice reference to the original Mademoisell Muscle Tee. The purple metalic dots is from Joann's from the the quilter's cotton wall last Fall. The lace I picked up from Hobby Lobby. (if you look closely at my sketchbook you can glimpse some of my other ideas I had for this project)

And it all comes together to make the Mademoisell lace tunic.
 Gorgeous right? I'm in love.

Basically, I graded the originally tee down to a 2T width, kept the length, redrew the armscye and added three-quarter length sleeves, and sewed the lace to the hem.

I paired the top with some navy leggings (knit from Purple Seamstress) and a headband I made to match her Christmas dress. (note to self: add another flower, those two are looking a little like monster horns)
 I love this collar. It's so much fun. I slashed and spread the pattern to add a little gather around the tie. I took photos of how I changed the pattern and added the ties so a tutorial will be coming next week!
Check out more at Project Run and Play  

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