Thursday, February 5, 2015

Testing Call and KCW

Before my KCW update I have big news! I'm ready to test the BabyChestnut Pants!
The chestnut pants are a slim dressy slack with flat-front waist and elastic back. Pockets are optional. I am looking for sizes 0-3 months to 4T. Testing will begin tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 2/6/15) and end Sunday at midnight. Pants require 2/3 yard for sizes 0-3m to 18-24m and 1 yard for sizes 2t-4T. Suggested fabrics are medium weight wovens such as corduroy, linen, twill, denim, suiting, and wool blends. Here is the link to apply:

They take about 2-3 hours to sew (I can whip up a pair in a hour, but I can make these in my sleep now because I've made so many). If you are invited to test you will be sent an invite to the zuzzy patterns testing facebook group, and you get to hang out with me and a bunch of other awesome sewing ladies on facebook all weekend :) it's fun I promise!

Now for KCW fun
Captain America raglan shirt for Jacob- CHECK! It's nearly impossible to get photos of this kid. So the photo quality is a little less than ideal. But I'll take what I can get!
The red fabric is from Purple Seamstress, The super heroes fabric is from a custom knit fabric facebook group called Kiddie Prints it's dreamy knit! I will definitely be writing more about them in an upcoming post, because they just had a fabric design contest that I entered and WON (2nd place) and now they are going to be printing my fabric! So excited! The captain america embroidery design is from Just Peachy Applique. Guys! I bought myself an embroidery machine last November! It's freaking amazing and I'll share more in another post, because this is supposed to be about the SHIRT! (Since we are off topic anyways, do you see my new curtains I made?! They make me so HAPPY! Also, I am soooo behind with blogging!)
This season of KCW has an upcycle theme. This shirt was supposed to be my upcycled entry. I had this red Dixie State College shirt I was going to use. I cut the pattern piece out of the back, but I ruined it when embroidering on the Capt. America guy. I didn't stabilize properly and it shifted, and looked terrible. So no upcycling for me. I'm not too sad about it because the red cotton lycra from purple seamstress is sooooo soft.

Christine loves to point out the Spiderman on the sleeve "look mommy! It's spiderman right here!" because she got a spiderman sticker from the doctor's office once.

More KCW pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Very cute Captain America shirt! It totally looks you could've bought it!