Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dallas Fabric District Shopping

Last week my husband had a little time off of work so we thought it would be fun to drive to Dallas. My in-laws came to watch the kids for us so we could have the whole day together. We were planning on going to the Dallas LDS temple, but because of "severe weather conditions" the temple was closed, so we spent the day checking out the fabric warehouse district of Dallas.
The "severe" weather conditions in Dallas. There was slush on the roads and everyone was panicking.
I wish I had thought to take more photos of all the warehouses, but these give you a little idea. I had read online that the warehouses aren't in the nicest part of town, so I was expecting a really sketchy neighborhood, but it wasn't bad at all. Just a little old and rundown, what you would expect from a warehouse. The first store we went to was Golden D'or Fabrics Outlet (10797 Harry Hines Blvd). The about picture is at Golden D'or. It's VERY large. I wasn't interested in most of the fabric though, I wanted apparel cottons, quilting cottons, and knits. There is a large room a quilting cottons and a large row of knits, and a clearance room that I spent the most time looking at. I didn't learn until I got to the cutting counter that fabrics from the clearance room were half off of the marked price (average price was $8 yard). Honestly, I wasn't too excited about the selection, and I was disappointed with the prices at Golden D'or. They weren't overpriced, but they were the same as you would pay at fabric.com and about the same quality too. Just FYI  Golden D'or will cut small pieces (as small as 1/8 yard) other shops have a minimum of a yard cut.
I ended up buying some grey rib knit, blue double knit, a light blue sweater knit, an aqua bamboo knit, purple double knit, and a yellow jersey. I also grabbed some mango acrylic felt that you can see in the later photos. I do wish I had bought more felt, they had a lot of great colors that I can't buy at my local stores.
There are about 8 fabric warehouses on the block. We stopped in all but 2 of them (the last 2 we skipped were upholstery ones- I was hungry and although it seems hard to believe, tired of looking at fabric).
I wish I had grabbed a business card for all the shops, so I could tell you the name of all the shops we went to. This white eyelet came from a nice shop that had mostly upholstery/ home decor fabrics. They had a large "grand opening" sign on the outside of the building so I'm guessing it's new. They were nice and clean. They were well priced, this eyelet was $4 a yard (60" wide). I was tempted by some well priced faux leather that I regret not buying, I couldn't think of anything I could make from it so I passed, but when I got home I saw an adorable tote made from faux leather on pinterest that would have been a perfect project. Oh well.
My second favorite shop was Super Textiles (2667 Perth). Look for the sign that says "Fabric, Buttons, Zippers" with a bunch of buttons on it.  They had a small amount of uninteresting fabric, and 3 small rooms of buttons. Nothing is labeled very well. I had to ask the owner how much the buttons cost. 50 cents for the specialty ones (the wood ones), 25 cents for the large ones, 10 cents for the small ones. There was a box of ziplock baggies that you help yourself to and fill with all the buttons you want. Then when they rang me up, they just looked at the pile and said this looks like $10. I don't know which ones counted as small and which ones counted as large buttons, but I feel like I got a good amount of buttons for 10 bucks. 

There was another shop next to the button shop called something like C&C fabrics that had nice quilting fabrics, and bolts of fabric that were only $1 a yard but you had to buy the entire bolt. I was worried about just filling my sewing room with fabric I wouldn't used, but of course when I got home I regretted not being a little more adventurous.
My very favorite shop was Warehouse Fabrics (2675 Perth St) I bought the majority of my fabric from here. It's not as large as Golden D'or but had a lot more of the fabrics I was interested in.
At the back of the warehouse is a small section of designer cotton prints (my favorite!) for $3.50 a yard. I was really excited to find some Heather Ross, Aneela Hoey, Lotta Jansdotter, Joel Dewberry, and some other Cloud 9 fabric. (Isn't my husband a good sport? He's the best!)
One thing to note, is that they have a one yard minimum cut on their fabrics. I may not have grabbed every colorway of the Far Far Away snails if I had known I couldn't get just half a yard of it.
I also picked up some mint stretch lace fabric ($5 a yard I think) stretchy lace (.99 cents a yard), some pink serger thread, and an entire cone of 1/2" elastic.
They had an entire table of this stretch lace, I grabbed some to make some headbands for a local backyard boutique I'm participating in a couple weeks.
And this serger thread is delicious! It is high quality and was $2 a cone.
 I didn't realize until I got home that the regular Maxi lock thread I usually buy only has 3,000 yards, and these cones have 6,000 yards so they were a killer deal. I wish I had bought all the colors they offered.
Last fall I bought an entire spool of 1/4" elastic off ebay and it was the best decision ever. I loooooooove having an endless supply of elastic, and $12 is a great deal. If they had 3/4" wide and 1" wide I would have bought those too. I really liked that the elastic and thread was in plastic so it was nice and clean.
Here's my entire pile I brought home with me. Mmmmmm yummy! If you are going to the Warehouse district I would recommend going to the smaller stores first, saving Golden D'or for last. I don't know if I would make the two hour drive just for the fabric, but if I'm ever near Dallas again I will definitely stop.

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