Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Chestnut Pants Pattern is here!

Today is the big day! The Chestnut Pants are here! I am so proud of this pattern. It's my best yet (you know... out of the three). The Chestnut pants are a great slim fitting, dressy pair of pants for babies and toddlers sizes 0-3 months to 4T. The pants feature a flat-front waistband and elastic back. The pattern includes three pocket options: front pockets, rounded back pockets, and pointed back pockets. I imagine these pants being sewn up for little boy Easter outfits, and special occasion outfits, and even stylish every day pants. You can get your pattern over at Craftsy here or Etsy here for only $6
This pattern release is part of the Aspiring Designers Challenge over at Pattern Revolution. You can read my post over there AND you will find a giveaway for the pattern while you are over too!
I don't want to repeat myself, so over here on Zuzzy I want to share with you the "behind the scenes" story.
The concept began with Jacob. Jacob is crazy skinny, and so all of his pants either are several inches too short OR they fall off and end up around his ankles. His wardrobe was seriously lacking, especially his church pants. He needed something nice to wear with sweaters and button-up shirts. Something with a modern, skinny fit. I hate baggy dress pants. On top of it, I would only remember that I needed these pants when it was late Saturday night as I was laying out clothes for the next day. So these pants needed to look awesome but also be a quick sew. No welt pockets, no darts, nothing time consuming. Just something I could whip up the night before church. 

The original pants had no pockets at all, and they looked great. However, as I was grading and digitizing the pattern, I drew my technical spec drawing (pictured above) and felt that my drawing needed some side pockets and back pockets. So I added the front side pockets and the rounded back pocket shape. Then when the pattern went into testing, one of my testers wanted a pointed back pocket shape, and I thought it was a great idea (I just love testers!). So, I added the pointed back pocket option, and love it just as much as my rounded pocket option. And that my friends is how the Chestnut Pants came to be.
I had a really great group of testers on this pattern. They did such a great job, and even sewed up more than one pair of pants. Huge shout out to

Come back tomorrow for a round up of fabric ideas for the Chestnut pants.
Get your Chestnut Pants pattern today at Craftsy here or Etsy here for only $6

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