Monday, March 9, 2015

Twilight Sparkle Shirt

A few days ago I mentioned that I received an email from Christine's preschool teacher saying that Christine's shirts are not long enough for the dress code. So I have been on a mission to turn amp up her preschool wardrobe.
Luckily, earlier this month I picked up several $3 walmart t-shirts for embroidering. So I embroidered a Twighlight Sparkle Pony on the front of this pink shirt, added a ruffle to the bottom of the shirt, and bam! preschool-appropriate tunic!
The pony applique design is from SEWcialBflyDesigns on Etsy. I had a little bit of puckering around the tail and mane because I'm still learning how to stabilize and hoop properly. Other than that I think it stitched out pretty well.
For the ruffle I cut a strip of knit fabric that was 4" by 1.5 times the width of the t-shirt. Then I serged the short sizes together, basted around the top and gathered it until it was the the same length as the t-shirt hem. Pinned the ruffle to the shirt. Then sewed the ruffle to the shirt with a zig-zag stitch. Finally, I serged around the hem of the ruffle. I may fold it under and top-stitch to keep it from rolling, but this monkey was anxious to wear her shirt so I just let her have it un-finished. Eh, I kind of like it that way anyways.

Now if only it would warm up so she could wear short sleeves to preschool again!


  1. So cute! I love that you used polka dots for Twilight Sparkle. :)
    I was wondering if you'd tell me what kind of embroidery thread you use? And maybe what other supplies you'd recommend? I am stuck, scared of buying crappy supplies while my embroidery machine stares me down for not even knowing how to use it.

    1. A post is in the works! It's coming in maybe a week. I have a lot of info about types of threads and stabilizers, where to purchase supplies, how to trouble shoot, etc. SO exciting that you have an embroidery machine! I was afraid no one here would want to hear about machine embroidery.

    2. Yay! I've been hoping you'd write exactly that post! :)