Wednesday, April 29, 2015

KCW: Matching Striped Pajamas

These matching pajamas have been a long time in the making.
I wanted to use two new pajama patterns (Brindle and Twig Footie Leggings and Heidi and Finn all you need jammies) for the kids' Christmas pajamas, but I didn't have enough fabric for mistakes. I had never used either pattern so I wanted to check sizing fit. I would hate to cut out a size too small and not be able to pull off my Christine jammie dream.
So I cut out jammies for both kids in this fun striped neon knit I got from Girl Charlee for crazy cheap. It's a thin light weight knit, not good for winter, but PERFECT for summer.
I finished the pants, but for the shirts I only sewed one arm and skipped hemming completely because I only needed to test length and I had Christmas jammies to sew! As soon as I knew how the patterns fit I moved on the Christmas ones and threw these unfinished ones in my cast aside projects pile.
And there they sat. Unloved. Then for KCW Winter last January I meant to finish them. Well, I didn't get too far. I finished Christine's shirt but didn't touch Jacobs.
But THIS kids clothes week, I had great momentum, I already finished my list and still had a day to go plus I had the double needle set up on my machine, so I finished this bad boy up real quick. Now the kids look stinkin' adorable in their matching jammie sets.

I got the nonskid bottom fabric with cute little footprints on it from etsy shop Lilbabythangs but it looks like they are going out of business and getting rid of their inventory. Too bad because the nonskid fabric is adorable.

As for the patterns. I really liked the Heidi and Finn all you need pajamas- pj top. There really isn't anything special about the top I choose to sew up. I really need to try out all the other options that it came with. The Brindle and Twig pants pattern was okay. The soles were a little small, and honestly I wished I had purchased Peekaboo patterns' Happy Feet Pajamas instead.

Regardless, these pajamas are so cute and the kids love to match. The light-weight knit make these perfect for summer around here.

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