Thursday, April 2, 2015

The New and Improved Spruce Shorts

Last Tuesday I announced on facebook that I re-released the Spruce Suspender Shorts! Ever since I put out the pattern last July I have received several requests for larger sizes. So after I put out the Chestnut pants, I knew I wanted to work on the Spruce shorts. (NOTE: everyone who previously purchased this pattern should have received the updated pattern in their inbox- if you did not receive the email simply re-download the pattern from your Etsy account or email me!)

While I was working on it, I was able to add some features that I have in the Chestnut pants- the biggest one being layered pattern tiles. If you have never used layered pattern tiles before, let me tell you, they are awesome! Layers allow you to turn on and off different sizes, so if you want to print just size 6-9 months then you turn off all the other sizes, hit print, and your printer will only print size 6-9 months! This saves on ink, and also makes it easier to see exactly where to cut (sometimes when sizes are nested together and all the sizes are converging together it's hard to see where exactly your size is- but not any more!).
This is my nephew. My sister was visiting last week and I convinced her to let me sew up a pair of shorts for him and get him to model the new larger sizes. My kids are pretty skinny so it's sometimes hard to visualize how the shorts are going to fit, so I was excited to get some pictures of the shorts on a meaty boy!
 He is wearing a size 3 shorts with no modifications. He has a 20.5" waist and wears size 3 store bought clothes.
These shorts are pretty fitted, so it's important to sew the correct size on these. I wish I could make these shorts fit EVERYONE just by going by store bought sizes. BUT what store? Target? Gap? Dillards? Mini Boden? All those stores fit differently too. That's just the nature of the pattern beast. You get a size chart (in my case the ASTM standard for body measurements) and you go by that size chart. So the best way to get the best fit is to READ THE SIZE CHART! Pull out your measuring tape and measure your child. Especially on those suspender straps! Lots of kids vary in height and torso length so read all of the fitting instructions that are included in the pattern.
 Jacob here is almost 2 years old, but has the waist of a 6 month old (18"). So I made him a 6 month old size (I should have followed my instructions and blended the sizes and used the length of a 2T, but I didn't. I also didn't follow my instructions and left off the second button hole on the suspender straps to be able to shorten the straps so they wouldn't be floppy like this. But I didn't, you see my sewing room was doubling as a guest bedroom at the time so the sewing machine was a little hard to access. So loose and floppy straps it was.
I had a REALLY great group of testers on these. I will admit, I may have got a little baby hungry looking at all the cute baby pictures coming in! Just as a heads up these pictures were taking in various stages of the testing process. The pattern gets changed a bit during the testing process. We played around with different widths of suspender straps, shorts length, and I added a little bit more to the back rise.
 I love the contrasting thread color of the top-stitching on these.
 Bow ties on babies are SO CUTE!
 I think that the piping on the suspender straps here is just a fun idea!
 I love how this shows how the shorts can be casual too! (note to self: buy Jacob a grey t-shirt)
 Square buttons! Isn't that so much fun?
And these adorable shorts? UPCYCLED men's pants! Man, I had some CLEVER testers. I think I need to convince this fabulous lady to do a tutorial for us here!

Now that you've made it through a bazillion adorable pictures. What is next for Zuzzy? I am working on a pattern extension for FLUFFY BUMS! There are a lot of cloth diaper mama's out there (half of my testers!) So I want them to be able to enjoy these too. As you guys know I don't have much spare time so it's hard to work on pattern drafting, but I hope to get it out soon.

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