Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spruce Shorts for Fluffy Bums: Free Pattern Add-on

I was surprised by how many of my pattern testers use cloth diapers. About half! They asked me for suggestions on how to adjust the spruce shorts for fluffy bums (an affectionate term for cloth diaper babies) Should we add 1" to the height? Should we sew a size larger? Well, the true answer is that they need a different shaped back piece to allow for the extra bulk. So they convinced me that I needed an add-on pattern piece for the pattern. (you can find the free download here)
This is what the difference of original back piece (blue) and the fluffy bum back piece (gray). So you see there is a longer back rise and extra width. 
These were NOT tested with the usual care I give my other patterns. I am not a cloth diaper expert, plus there is SO much variation in cloth diapers. It depends on what brand you use, how many inserts you use, and the shape of your child. For some, you might not even need the extra piece, the original pattern may work just fine for you. The above photo shows the regular Spruce Shorts with cloth diaper on.
This mommy called this diaper her "huge nappy" (it's a baby beehinds diaper if you were curious) and you can tell the regular pattern would never get over that adorable diaper! I hope this is helpful to cloth diaper mommas! You can download the free pattern add-on from my Craftsy shop here

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