Friday, June 19, 2015

Project Run and Play: Frozen Fever Dress

June was a busy month for us. The kids and I were visiting my family in Utah for half the month while Daddy was working long hard hours at the hospital. But I managed to squeeze some time in for my favorite sew along. This month was a fun one. Y'all know how I love dress ups. This month's challenge was Kiki and Company's Elsa Dress up.
When the challenge was announced, I knew immediately that I needed to make Elsa's Frozen Fever dress. This tutorial was perfect for it. If you don't know (how do you not know?!) Disney included a little short film before the live action Cinderella movie about Elsa celebrating Anna's birthday, and of course they have brand new summer dresses.

It's a FAST sew. Seriously. I went to the fabric store on Tuesday, as in three days ago.
The cape is this green sparkly costume fabric. It looks fabulous and is my daughter's favorite, BUT there is now green glitter all over my sewing room. I had to give my sewing machine a good cleaning after sewing through this sparkly stuff because GLITTER. ALL. OVER.
I cut out flowers from pink felt and used fabric glue (fabri-fix) to glue them on. The raw edge of the cape was finished by zigzagging across the edge (because I didn't want to buy 3 spools of green thread to do a rolled hem).

I only slightly modified the tutorial by adding sleeves to the dress. They are just rectangles sewn together and gathered where they attach to the bodice. They will help hold the top up, and because Christine insisted that the dress have sleeves because Elsa's dress has sleeves mom! She even drew me some "pattern pieces" to use. It was pretty adorable.
This will give you an idea of sleeve placement, and velcro placement for the cape. It's very simple for Christine to do by herself.

The skirt is a basic rectangle. But I had a HARD time finding the right color of fabric at the store. So I ended up mixing three colors together. I layered together this neon green polysatin, a blue chiffon, and a green tulle. It think together it works.

To complete the Elsa summer look, I needed a flower for her hair. I made a pink Kanzashi flower (tutorial from Pumpkin and a Princess- you don't need the plastic circle guide. I just traced a cup for my circle and eyeballed four basting stitches). I need a little more practice, but I think it's adorable.

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  1. I never knew Elsa had a green summer dress, but it is beautiful, and your daughter's version is absolutely perfect!

    1. Thanks! Frozen Fever is a really fun little short. I think my daughter liked it more than the feature film! Lol

  2. This is precious. She's adorable.

  3. It looks perfect, and a great dress-up that she can do by herself! Nice work!

  4. Just gorgeous!!! It looks like we were both Frozen fever inspired ;)