Monday, July 6, 2015

All I know about machine embroidery

I've been promising this post for a while. But there is so much information to include, I'm going to split it up into several posts and answer the follow questions:

-What embroidery machine should I buy?
-What embroidery supplies do I need, and where do I buy them?
-Where do I get cute embroidery designs?
-What embroidery software should I get?

For the first post I want to share how I got into machine embroidery.

It started with a shirt I saw on Etsy. I was looking at Frozen themed birthday ideas for Christine and I saw this amazing embroidered frozen birthday shirt on Etsy. I fell in love with it. I NEEDED that shirt! Except it was $30, which seemed pretty expensive to me. In retrospect I probably should have just bought the t-shirt instead of the $600 machine, and several more hundred dollars in supplies!
The shop is on vacation right now, but it looked like this shirt

I belonged to a facebook sewing group that had a lot of embroiders in it and I started paying more attention to embroidery posts. Then I started looking at etsy shops selling embroidered items. Looking at all the amazing things they were making, made me just HAVE to have an embroidery machine.
My husband was working a pretty bad rotation at the hospital at the time, so I think he was feeling bad about his work schedule and the impact it has on me. He knows how happy my hobbies make me. So he encouraged me to get the machine.

Why should YOU get a machine?

Because it is FUN
You can make ADORABLE things
It's a new CHALLENGE. I sew and I do hand embroidery, but machine embroidery is a whole new crafting world.
So you can have MORE sewing machines! Because the more sewing machines you have the cooler you are!

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