Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kids Clothes Week: What's on my list

kid's clothes week
It's Kids Clothes Week again! I love this week so much, but unfortunately I have a busy schedule this week. I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to get done. The hardest part for me actually is the photography, I'm getting the sewing in, just not documenting it. On KCW day one (Monday) I sewed up a little Halloween tunic with black leggings for Christine, and she wore them to preschool yesterday and I never managed to snap a picture of her wearing the outfit. Now it's crumpled up in the bottom of her laundry hamper. It's hard to not be upset about that, I mean I sewed up a cute Halloween outfit that my daughter adores, that's pretty great right? but I still really want that photo in my KCW gallery and it feels like a failure to not manage to find 5 minutes sometime between preschool and ballet and making dinner. I'll see if I can press it with the iron to get a picture later this week.
I even struggled getting these photos, after I put the kids to bed I pulled out my camera to snap a few pictures of my KCW to-sew list. I got these two pictures then my camera screen started flashing telling me my battery dead. So here you get a TINY glimpse at what's on my sewing desk this week.

First up is finishing up the Halloween costumes. Christine told me she was going to be HUMAN Ariel, with her PINK dress. So one sparkly pink princess dress was my number one priority, and I've finished that one. Next was Jacob's costume. Christine really wanted him to be Prince Eric, but I just couldn't get excited about black pants, white shirt and a red waist sash. So I convinced Christine it was okay for Jacob to be Sebastian. That's what you see in the picture above, a crab costume sketch. I drafted a fleece pants pattern that I was able to whip up really quick. Then I'm using PKB's High Five Hoodie for the top using the same red fleece as the pants (because fleece is cheap!). I'm sticking little crab legs out of the side seams, and crab eyes on top of the hood. Then I drafted some crab claw mittens, that I just adore. I forgot to buy a separating zipper for the sweatshirt so I'm at a standstill until I make it back to the fabric store.
Once the costumes are done, I have this shirt I embroidered and wanted to make a skirt out of the cute arrow fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. That should be a quick project. Then there's these leggings I cut out last week using some fabulous lycra knit from Eurogirls. Hopefully I can whip those up in 15 minutes. Then of course there is the Halloween tunic that I mentioned already, that I made on Monday. Then if there's time (there won't be) I've been working on turning this coat into a PDF pattern. It's turning out beautifully, but taking a bit of time. Getting just the right length, the perfect look of the collar, trying to decide if I wanted to add welt pockets. (I do want welt pockets. They are amazing).

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some completed outfits! Check out the KCW Project Pool or #kidsclothesweek on instagram to see what everyone else is making.


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