Hi! I'm Angela. I am a stay at home mom with a 3 year old girl and a little baby boy. They both have a LOT of energy and nearly drive me insane some days. That's why I craft and sew, it's my little happy place.
(still in the new baby survival mode in this pic)

My hubby is Jeff. He is a surgery resident. That means he has been through medical school, people call him doctor, and he even has an M.D. after his name, but he isn't a board certified surgeon yet. To be a general surgeon he has to go through five years of residency. We are in year one right now. That's another reason why I sew, residency is hard. There are looooong hours and hardly any days off. Some weeks he works as much as 120 hours, though the average is 80 hours a week. There are a lot of times when I feel like a single mom and sewing is a great stress relief.
My mom taught me how to sew when I was in elementary school, and I took a few sewing courses in high school. I made things like skirts, pajama pants, bags, and even a button-up collared shirt- it was a very well sewn shirt but I never wore it because it was several inches too short. When my little girl was one I wanted to sew her a Christmas dress and I just made it up barely remembering basic garment construction. The dress was very cute, but if you looked closely at the seams, it was a mess. That was the point that I started to get back into sewing, inspired by fabulous bloggers.

As I started to remember how to sew again, and learn more, I started participating in flickr groups and online sewalongs like Project Run and Play and Kids Clothing Week. 

I am not seeking out to "grow my blog" or "be the next big thing" but instead it's just a little place where I share my latest crafty projects; mostly sewing, but a little crochet, cross stitch, and craft projects to decorate our new home (we just bought our first home this summer!)

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